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Volume 2 Andrzej Wierciński, Inspired Metaphysics? Gustav Siewerth’s Hermeneutic Reading of the Onto-Theological Tradition (Toronto: The Hermeneutic Press, 2003).

The first English treatment of the thought of twentieth-century speculative Thomist Gustav Siewerth, Inspired Metaphysics? engages the whole corpus of Siewerth's philosophical writing. Siewerth is situated in relation to his teacher, Martin Heidegger, and his sources, medieval metaphysics and German Idealism. Siewerth's conviction that the forgetting of esse in the late Middle Ages determined the direction of modern philosophy is elaborated in detail as an effort to absolve Aquinas of Heidegger's critique of onto-theology. Like Heidegger Siewerth seeks in the history of philosophy not only that which actually took place but also that which he believes ought to have taken place. It remains questionable whether Siewerth is able to combine Thomist metaphysics and dialectical philosophy, without falling into what Heidegger regards as the forgetfulness of Being.